Legacy data. New data. More data. No time. Fewer resources. Increasing expectations.

This is the reality of exploration and mining today. Geo-scientists, Engineers and Project Managers spend too much time acquiring, massaging and managing data and have little time left to assess, integrate and interpret the results. With fewer people and more data this issue is getting worse not better. A solution is needed where data management is simultaneously transparent (accessible) and invisible (authenticated) so that these professionals can focus on their jobs (application).

Facing the data management challenge

Modern exploration and mining operations generate vast amounts of data. Relevant, timely, visual, and authenticated information is critical at all phases of the exploration and mining life cycle. Continuing improvements in computing power and technology have eased some of the data management challenges, but a gap remains. While data analysis software packages have made great strides in interpretation and visualization, these can be expensive and complicated, requiring expert technicians to operate. Affordable, efficient and accurate mining data management remains an elusive target.
MapIT can help. Years of industry experience combined with an easy-to-integrate workflow solution cuts to the core of the data management challenge. Our comprehensive approach creates opportunity to push data management, QA/QC analysis, 3-D modelling and visualization to a whole new level by integrating your authenticated data, providing easy navigation of that information with access for key stakeholders so that they may apply timely analysis on any given project.


Exploration and Mining Data Services

Throughout exploration, development and mining, multiple sources and software platforms are used to acquire your project information, including different data formats, file types and coordinate systems. Quality is paramount, and your information is at risk if associated with inaccurate data, the wrong spatial location, or if it is inaccessible. Regardless of the information type, format, or source, MapIT can authenticate and make your data accessible whether it is legacy data, newly acquired data, or a combination both.


Project Database

Spatial location, data integration and revealing the connections; the answers lie within the data, but may prove elusive without easy access and integration. Add to this challenge the need for people with a combination of database, IT, computer skills and geoscience knowledge (never mind available time on an active project),
and you’ve got a daunting personnel requirement. Our hosted project database frees up your exploration and mining staff to interrogate and interpret the data without losing precious time to data management. We’ll give you time back to focus on finding the answers.


On-line Data Interface

It is possible to have a well-integrated and accurate project database and yet still have access problems for your distributed team and contractors. Our on-line data interface allows the project team to have access to reports and charts. Information formatted and acquired in the field can quickly be made available to the whole team while maintaining security, quality and integrity of the project data.



On-line Spatial Access

Maps and sections are all easily accessible online via cloud services. Online access helps management keep up with projects, make appropriate decisions, and plan next steps. A secure browser-based GIS interface allows access to this information at any time, by anyone with permissions via computer, tablet or mobile
device. Information is posted at regular intervals during active projects and maintained during passive periods.

Key benefits

  • Innovative Technology - leading edge integration with a pricing model based on your needs.

  • Flexibility - multi-platform GIS/ modeling/data management

  • Cost efficient scalability - “on demand” for seasonal projects Pay for services you need, when you need them.

  • Focused expertise - Leverage MapIT’s data management expertise to allow your staff focus on project analysis.

  • Accessibility - high-end data management, analysis and visualization; no training, license fees, maintenance or IT overhead


Legacy data
Project data
Remote sensing
Lab results
Derivative models

Access for:

Project Managers
Corporate Management


Accuracy confirmation
Decision making support